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Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? 


L-A-N-I is a very much unoriginal and frankly, "no shit"-inducing acronym, but here we go: 


Lexicon: the source, the root from where our concepts spring.

Ascertain: through thoughtful analysis of various industry landscapes, we unearth valuable data that sheds light on the very trends informing our processes.

Novel: the media we disseminate is both of the times and near future. We keep relevant, forward-thinking, and always three steps ahead.

Interdependent: there’s a common thread amongst all offerings of LANI’s, and we are equally as reliant on our users, viewers, and readership -- for valuable insight on the current climate -- as they are on us. We often express immense gratitude for their willingness to partake in this two-way conversation between customer and creators.


& values.

The company’s supreme mission is simple:  bring to life fantastic products that are derivative of familiar concepts, reimagined. We strive to offer a great deal of value to users upfront and without any cost to themselves, save for the mostly effortless act of a quick search and download. Our profits are made through the data we source and, ultimately, use to create worthwhile in-application experiences along with branded media that really resonates with audiences -- inspiring action, sparking the imagination, and inciting a sentiment of community in the shared context of a consumer-brand relationship.

Our business model is tied to the ball and chain that are our values. Accessibility is paramount. Inclusivity is a close second. Transparency rings in at number three on this list. 


While LANI was established in late 2014, many of its offshoots are in their infancy. As makers, artists, designers, and writers behind the brand, we encourage users and prospective investors, alike, to share their thoughts as often as they see fit. We only want to get better. Many times we listen, sometimes we don't. Whatever the case, let’s keep the conversation moving.


To-date: LANI and its offerings is entirely self-funded. We bootstrapped this bitch and have managed to create something great with time, dedication, and a whole lot of love for our users.

Our goals orbit the company’s mission statement. LANI’s digital footprint is illustrative of an ethos tethered to the idea of progress. Progress serves as a cornerstone for most everything that's good. Let’s keep treading forward, together.

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